Therapy is hard

Therapy is the process of meeting with a professional to talk through difficult problems in your life. The goal is to come through this with new skills, a deeper understanding, or a changed perspective that allows you to live a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Simply starting therapy is a very difficult step. However, starting is often not the hardest step.

For many people the hardest step is continuing therapy.

Good therapy is like cleaning out your closet – you have to pull everything out and make a big mess before you can decide what to keep, what to trash, and what to replace. This process will be taxing and uncomfortable, and at times feel like you’re moving backwards instead of forward. The danger comes at the point when the process deepens and begins to look at aspects of yourself and your life that are hard to deal with. The danger here is dropping out instead of working through. The danger here is quitting before being able to come to a resolution.

As you move through your own therapy journey, remember that it will be hard at times, just as it will be sad, funny, angry, happy, and somber at times. If you are struggling with some aspect or concern, talk to your therapist about the problem. More than likely they will be glad for the input and happy to work through the problem together. Cancelling your appointment means that the problem remains but no progress is made to solving it.

Therapy can be difficult and uncomfortable. It is not a magic bullet or cure-all, but therapy does lead to positive change in people’s lives. However, that change cannot happen when no one is in the chair.

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